Our Approach

Identifying and adopting best practices, the services and staff are continually changing to provide the best quality of services.  Recognizing that engagement through provision of basic needs is the critical first step in building trust and then assessing where each woman is on a measure of self-sufficiency, we then work with each individual to lay out a plan tailored to her needs to support successful outcomes.

We also depend on the women we serve to teach us how to be most culturally relevant to them.  For example, when we work with a woman on her budget, we have learned that often she is doing an outstanding job of surviving on a very limited income.  We can then look at ways we can provide some necessities, such as food or hygiene products, which allow her to use the cash income for her housing needs.

Partnering with private and public agencies, faith, business and civic groups is also critical to a belief in the power of collaboration.  We believe that by identifying shared goals and working together to achieve those outcomes, there is great benefit to the clients and community.