Our History

The Women’s Center of Wake County has served our community for more than 40 years!  The original mission of a small group of volunteers was to serve women re-entering the community from prison.  The ex-offenders needed assistance in obtaining employment, reconnecting with family and friends, and strengthening their self esteem to become active citizens in the community.

In the early 1980s, the women’s movement catalyzed the evolution of the services to a much broader population of women.  Career development, consciousness raising groups, peer counseling, and support groups were created to meet the new demand.

In the early 1990s, the Women’s Center relocated to downtown Raleigh.  With that relocation there came a new population of women in need of services – women who were homeless or living on the margin.  The Women’s Center restructured its programs and services to address these needs.  With the creation of Basic Needs, Support, and Housing Services, we continue to support, educate and advocate to improve outcomes for these women.