She Found Her Way Home


Elizabeth grew up with the support and love of her mother and sister. She only finished elementary school, and is challenged with special needs. She lived at home and relied on the support of family to get her through the challenges life brought her way.

When Elizabeth’s mother and sister passed away, she was left homeless and alone. Elizabeth was chronically homeless for 6 1/2 years, sleeping in tents, a bus, a pick up truck and lived unsheltered until she found her way to an overnight shelter. The shelters were often full and she was not able to get into a long term program.

Thankfully, Elizabeth came to the Women's Center, where she worked with case managers to help her find temporary shelter, food, clothing, hygiene items, behavioral and medical healthcare, and more. But, perhaps more importantly, she received the love and care she so desperately needed and lacked from the loss of her family.

Elizabeth was approved for a room in a house in December and will move into her new home December 7th.

“The Women’s Center love me like they are my family and they are very supportive,” said Elizabeth. “Everyone has been praying for me that I get a place very soon. At least I’ll have a place before Christmas!”

The Women’s Center will continue to support Elizabeth as she transitions into her housing and Elizabeth plans to come back to volunteer. She wants to help women like her find their way home.

Viki Redding