Martha is our Hero

Heroes come in many shapes and sizes. And, Women's Center of Wake County would like to celebrate one of our heroes today.

Martha was the speaker at our "Share The Love" luncheon last Friday and she shared a special message and a beautiful poem with us. It was truly a treat.

Martha separated from her husband and she ended up homeless. She stayed overnight in a shelter, but she had to leave in the morning and had nowhere to go during the day for relief from the extreme cold weather and storms. Thankfully, she came to Women's Center of Wake County. At the Center, she found lunch, snacks, basic needs like toiletries, warm greetings from staff, a safe place to rest during the day and support finding housing. Today, Martha lives in her own house, where she has finally found peace and safety.

Martha tells us in her own words: "I thank God every day that I can say I'm happy. I don't have to go outside in the rain. I don't have to go outside in the cold. I asked for help, and the Women's Center gave me the help I needed."

Here is the poem that Martha shared at our Share The Love event February 9th:

Good Afternoon! Lovely voices and lovelyl faces. There's always a time to rejoice, no matter how hard things become. The trials, temptations, no love or occupation. We look to the future with anticipation. It must be with God, we have a relation. 

When I was homeless, didn't know what to do. Jehovah Almighty brought me through. I prayed for an answer, didn't know what would be. Then came the answer, WCWC. It's not too late to direct your won fate. It's been, it's now, the future's your fate. We work, we toil to no avail. Believe in yourself and you will not fail. Ask for help. It's there somewhere. WCWC Always cares. Thank you friends for listening to me. I just want to tell you what really can be. Now some of you might have doubts. Come to 112 Cox Ave. and find out what it's about. The world has no mercy on women without. WCWC will not leave you out. I remember I didn't go to the doctor, an assistant, a record keeper, no resistance. How long some have waited out in the cold. Most can't find a job. Most are too old. Disabled, crippled, broke down in fact. Wake County Women's Center had our back. 

Martha says: "There's always a time to rejoice, no matter how hard things become."
Martha, you are our hero, and we love you.

To help women like Martha find shelter, food and housing of their own, please consider supporting Women's Center of Wake County by clicking here. Thank you!