The Women’s Center Garden is a place of healing, engagement and transformation.

The Women’s Center Garden is a place for our women to grow their own food and flowers so that they may nourish and feed their own bodies and others through Logan’s Plant-A-Row For The Hungry donation program.  The garden answers an extensive list of needs from a pleasant outdoor space to sit to an opportunity to learn job skills and self-efficiency. Our hope is to partner with a diversity of organizations and groups around The Triangle who are interested in local food and flowers grown with sustainable practices that feed the people in this community who need it the most.  In addition to feeding our friends at the Women’s Center, through the generous help and support of Logan’s Trading Company, we will donate a portion of our harvests to other organizations in need of fresh produce.

We are honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to serve our friends and our community in this way.  Together, we are feeding women and changing lives.

Many thanks to the Alexander YMCA for letting us use their land for this cause and their unwavering support in our journey to create a space of healing and transformation.   


Volunteer Opportunities

Many a hand, make light the work!  There is always something to be done in the garden.  It is a great way to get outside and meet new people or sign up to bring a group.  Common tasks range from weeding and watering to building and hauling. We can tailor your volunteer day to suit your skills and interests.  


Weekly Open Volunteer Day Individuals or Small Groups

For individuals and small groups of 2-5.


Host a Garden Work Day for Large Groups

For groups of 6 or larger

Supplies Needed

The Women’s Center Garden is in need of supplies! If you are able to donate items, please drop them off at: The Women’s Center, 112 Cox Ave, Raleigh. Thank you!

  • New or gently used lawnmower (currently operational)

  • New or gently used Weedeater (currently operational)

  • Hedge trimmers (electric or manual)

  • Pruners

  • Loppers

  • Small garden spades

    Thank you!

  • Questions about the garden?
    Please contact: