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Staff Directory

Brace Boone III, Executive Director
919.829.3711 x105 | brace.boone@wcwc.org

Jane Tobia, Associate Executive Director
919.829.3711 x107 | jane.tobia@wcwc.org

Jeri Jefferys, Director of Clinical Services
919.829.3711 x106 | jeri.jefferys@wcwc.org

Tameka Douglas, Director of Intake Assessments and Client Data
919.829.3711 x103 | tameka.douglas@wcwc.org

Jerri Carter, Development Officer, Volunteer Services
919.829.3711 x102 | jerri.carter@wcwc.org

Lynette Honeycutt, Case Manager
919.829.3711 x102 | lynette.honeycutt@wcwc.org

Nora Robbins, Development Officer, Community Relations
919.829.3711 x113 | nora.robbins@wcwc.org